Utility management platform, helping 
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Bituls offers you a flexible Utility Management Solution for all of your enterprise needs. Take full control of your billing, meter management, field activities and more, all offered within a single platform based on ERPNext

Built for small and medium sized utilities and service providers

Leverage our expertise and experience in technology and utility management solutions so that you can grow with confidence.

Our technology focuses on the important things and improves Customer Management, Billing, Reporting and other processes, using an interface that is user-friendly and easy to use.

Customer Onboarding & Managegment

Manage and monitor customers and the customer on-boarding process

Billing and Metering Devices Management

Invoice with confidence and manage all the metering devices including their acquisition, installation, removal, calibration and decommissioning

Fully Integrated Mobile Solution

Manage field activities such as meter installations and removal with a fully integrated Mobile App. Enjoy full visibility of mobile staff activities including GPS and Picture Capture features

Built for Scalability

Our solution is based on ERPNext which is well established and robust ERP platform. Enjoy all the existing enterprise features within a single solution.

What else can our solution
do for you?

Trusted solution used by satisfied customers within Africa

“Managing Utility Metering is a complex process, and you need a trusted friend to help you with that. Bituls provides an amazing technology platform and services platform that will help you from the get-go.”

Odion Omonfoman, CEO, New Hampshire Capital, Nigeria

Improve your processes with complete automation

Get an interactive demo of all the features and capabilities. We are here to assist and guide you throughout the process.

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