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Welcome to Bituls ERP


Bituls ERP provide accurate data and figures especially on the monetary management where great precision is required.


We provide up time services making sure that you will never be out of business. Also,the tools used for analysis are purely of 21st century.


Bituls ERP uses highly secure servers against hacks keeping all your data safe. System security is one of our core architecture design.

Perfect UX

Bituls ERP have a super user interface giving you extreme experience.We undertake the best design practice recognized in the IT market.

Why bituls erp

Bituls ERP is a single technology platform that will allow you to manage, monitor and control all your business operations in a centralized way with a single easily accessible point of reference. The power of Bituls ERP is that it can be easily customized to fit in any client specification.  

Project Management

This is a fully integrated systems that helps you to budget, check progress of the tasks related to the project, clear time-sheet and workforce required. Any expenses or income that is associated with running the project is well accounted.

Manufacturing Systems

This is module is tailored for any manufacturing or a processing company. The system automate the whole process from converting raw materials to finished product accounting for by-product as well and with regard to expense incurred against the stock.

Business Budget & Accounting

This is one of the core feature of Bituls ERP where any transaction involving monetary accountability is automatically detected and stored for reference.We believe every coin counts, so Bituls ERP  helps in enhancing cash flow management.

Property Management

Real Estate has experienced a radical growth hence greater need of a system that simplify the workflow. Bituls ERP provide you with well crafted software that will help you calculate remittance for landlords,automatically send reminders and invoices to tenants and manage unlimited properties at ease.

Human Resource System

Get the best way to manage your employees with unlimited functionality cutting from leave application, loan application, salary slip automatic generation, employee attendance, expense claim and many more with well organized reports.

Stock Management System

Have a problem managing your inventory? Then worry no more, Bituls ERP provides you with fully featured stock management catering for movement of stock from one warehouse to another. In addition the system automatically generates concise reports.

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