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With our powerful Locate360™ integrated technology and services, we help you take control of your vehicle assets.We guarantee value for your money with our fast 24 hour services and technology that is as powerful as it is easy to use.

It is our hope that we can build and maintain lasting relationships with clients looking to achieve growth and efficiency by leveraging our expertise and experience.

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Establishing a relationship with Bituls is the best way to get a jump start taking care of your Vehicle Tracking, ERP solution, Speed Governors and Fleet Management needs. Over the years, we have worked with clients from a wide background, including banks, MFIs, Private Companies and Individuals etc. 

Recovered Vehicles
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Vehicle & Auto Finance Tracking

Locate360™ GPS Tracking is a product tailored to give you the assurance of your vehicle’s location in real-time giving you peace of mind. Auto Finance tracking is a special product tailored to Vehicle Financiers who want to eliminate risks associated with secured debt.


Locate360™ Fleet Manager is a product tailored to help companies across Kenya to reduce fleet operating costs and manage mobile assets more efficiently. Our prices are affordable and offer the best value for money and various options depending on your needs.

Speed Governors

We are NTSA & KEBS approved dealer to maintain and sale of the smart speed governor.We have upscale services with certified technician. The speed governor limiter provide full alert automation and web interface for checking the vehicle movement and speed violation.

ERP solutions

Bituls ERP is a solution based focused on managing the entire operation of a company. Our focus is on offering and implementing a solution that is affordable and covers all the needs of SMEs to give them the capability to be better organized and therefore more efficient and agile market.

Our Journey

Innovative, Kenyan Technology Company with high growth in the Collateral Asset Tracking and Automation of market segment built on strong innovation and a focused commitment to quality services as the basis for building a sustainable business. Customer satisfaction and service efficiency is always our core concern.  

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Everyone can enjoy the trending hype in technology for any business model. We have incorporated best practice around the globe.