Fleet management system

Locate360™ is a world class platform that will not only tell you WHERE a vehicle is, but also WHAT is happening to it, WHO is driving it, HOW they are driving it and HOW MUCH.

Operation Cost

Locate360™ combines a number of aspects to make sure expenses incurred on managing fleet is reduced, hence increasing the income

Real time tracking

This provide a real time location of the vehicle with automated alerts on any activity happening. Combined with comprehensive reports nothing get difficult.

Fuel Management

Our platform just doesn't only detect fuel theft but also help you on route optimization to save on the amount of fuel used for different trips traveled.

Optimize routes

The platform has the capability to determine which route is near to the destination depending on the source location hence reducing the operational cost.

Automated alerts

This make sure you are fully updated on any activity that happen to your fleet. Be it a fuel theft, delayed delivery, alarms etc etc.

Maintenance schedules

The platform is intelligent enough to notify you the list of all vehicles scheduled for maintenance and the expected amount to be used for the whole operation.

Driver accountability

The advanced capability of the platform to calculate the time sheet of any trip undertaken by your fleet can help you reduce on overtime cost and effectiveness of the drivers e.g harsh breaking, stops analysis and unnecessary delay.

Geo-fence analysis

This help you limit the movement of the fleet within a specified location. The platform analyse for you how many violation alerts have been recorded, when and where were they recorded.

Detailed Reports

The system uses advanced analytics tools providing you with well summarized reports and easily customizable on fuel consumption & theft, driver behaviors, trips, stops, maintenance,alerts etc etc

We always get back

Drop us a request and we shall get back to you within less than 24 hrs. We provide highly scalable and automated hardware and software that you can always relay on. It is our obligation to provide a solution that is sustainable, easily manageable and dependable at any time of need.